TherMatekTM COOL MORTAR is a carefully proportioned blend of white cement and proprietary ingredients that will provide insulation and high reflectance and ensure a heat barrier to your building.

When mixed with water, TherMatekTM COOL MORTAR produces a high-quality mortar with excellent handling and laying characteristics.

TherMatekTM COOL MORTAR is ideally suited for use in all forms of masonry work.

When used as a complement to TherMatekTM HEAT RESISTANT TERRACE TILES, the TherMatekTM COOL MORTAR will provide enough insulation and heat reflectance that eliminates the need for additional insulation like PUF, XPS, Thermacole etc.

TherMatekTM COOL MORTAR specifications



Powder form
Appearance White
Materials Used Lightweight minerals & modified white cement
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) 92
Solar Reflectance 0.74
Emittance 0.93
U-Value 0.397 W/m2k
Thermal Conductivity 0.451 W/m2k
Method of Fixing Laid as any other mortar



  • A specialized high albedo product with low thermal conductivity
  • Ideal for planned decorative and different surface finishing with heat proofing property
  • Strong and high load bearing surface similar to any cement sand mortar
  • Ease of application to roof and walls to provide tough, durable and flexible playing surface.
  • Less shrinkage and thus less prone to cracks

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