To overcome the crucial applications demanding longer life of heat reflective paint, polyurethane paint is developed. It lasts for more than 8 years & it is eco-friendly. It also gives a matt glaze finish which makes it less dust adherent. For a longer span, it’s most economical.


The polyurethane heat reflective paint assures:

  • High reflectivity to sun rays, hence keeping interiors cool during hot summer months
  • Downscaled thermal load on roof surface
  • Flexibility to withstand dynamic motions
  • Best finishing on any surface makes it aesthetically appealing
  • Greater efficiency from existing air-conditioning plant through reduced peak loads
  • Significant abatement of Greenhouse Gas resulting from the power saved
  • Environmental responsibility

TherMatekTM Polyurethane Paint specifications

Type Polyurethane (two components 1. base & 2. hardner)
Appearance White
Viscosity at 300c Viscous Thick
Weight / Liter 1.4
%NV 55 ±2


Finishing Gloss Matte
Solar Reflectance 0.79
Pencil Hardness Passes 2 H
Infrared Emittance 0.93
Solar Reflective Index (SRI) 100 for white
Method of Application Brush / Roller / Spray
Longevity 6-8 years on roof & 8-10 years on walls



  • Reduction in roof surface temperature of around 17 deg C on a hot sunny day
  • Maximized Total Solar Reflectance (the measure of the amount of incident terrestrial solar energy reflected from a given surface)
  • Greatly reduced sub-roof temperature
  • Reduced maintenance due to longer life & finishing.
  • Easy to use and bonding with minimal surface preparation
  • Fast cure at ambient temperature

Aesthetically appealing

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