Acrylic Paint is developed by applying unique expertise in material science and chemical dynamics. TherMatekTM now offers you Colored Heat Reflective Paint that insulates you from heat, lasts much longer than 7 years, is cost effective, and environment friendly.


The Acrylic heat reflective paint assures:

  • High reflectivity to sun rays, hence keeping interiors cool during hot summer months
  • Downscaled thermal load on roof surface
  • Flexibility to withstand dynamic motions
  • Greater efficiency from existing air-conditioning plant through reduced peak loads
  • Significant abatement of Greenhouse Gas resulting from the power saved
  • Environmental responsibility

TherMatekTM Acrylic Paint specifications

Type Acrylic (liquid form – single component)
Appearance White + any shade for projects only
Materials Used Volatile Organic Compounds
Toxicity Low VOC (Confirms to Green Building norms)
Water Permeability Resistant to water
Solar Reflectance 0.75
Infrared Emittance 0.79
Solar Reflective Index (SRI) 106 for white & lowest 80 for blue
Method of Application Brush / Roller / Spray
Longevity 3-4 years on roof & 6-7 years on walls



  • Reduction in roof surface temperature of around 17 deg C on a hot sunny day
  • Maximized Total Solar Reflectance (the measure of the amount of incident terrestrial solar energy reflected from a given surface)
  • Greatly reduced sub-roof temperature
  • Easy to use and bonding with minimal surface preparation
  • Fast cure at ambient temperature
  • Aesthetically appealing

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